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We believe that radio can spark great change

“Sometimes the littlest voices have the biggest things to say.” Have you often wondered how the onslaught of media in the world around us affects our children? Do your children still feel unheard despite the gazillion applications and games they surround themselves with? Lose heart no more, for change is just around the corner and this is where Namma School Radio, comes in!

We believe in an education where the radio can become an instrument of curiosity and social awareness and not just a tool of mindless entertainment. We want to open up new channels of expression, led entirely by the students. We believe that our radio can spark great change, even more so in the case of a girl child. Born into some village lost in the vastness of our country, her fate dictated by those in authority, the girl child’s voice is routinely ignored or even consciously sabotaged.


Namma School Radio will make sure her voice is heard, that her voice holds value. We provide the platform, we also provide the technical know-how. In short, we will continuously work in the background, helping the students with whatever they need, while they focus on the more important task on hand : that of making the world a better place to live in!

Namma School Radio is not just a radio, it is a global movement 


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