At the helm of this project is,

​Mr .Girish Kumar​ ,​ ​who boasts of over eighteen years of experience in the broadcasting field . His experience in the field of TV and Media helped him envision the concept of Namma School Radio, where he would like enhance the potential of media and provide a platform for children/students to express themselves.

Ms. Kavitha Kammanakote ​adds immense value to our team by way of her education in Mass Communication. She is an extremely driven and passionate individual who advocates strongly for freedom of expression. She believes that the lifestyle, ancient wisdom, trades, culture and education of a rural community can be effectively communicated by children via radio and that it can be an object of awareness and great change and is proud to be a part of Namma School Radio! 

kavith Kammanakote
Varsha V.G

Our team believes in change brought about by children, to children. It is only natural, then,

to have a young person amidst, to keep us all grounded! A student in Grade 6,

Ms. Varsha ​is the youngest member of our team. She brings in immense energy to the team, always on the lookout for interesting topics to make a radio show about! Her voice represents the youth that we hope to inspire a change in, for a better tomorrow.

With over twelve years of experience in the teaching field, teaching English and French as a foreign language,​ Ms. Vaidehi Sriram is deeply committed to pedagogy and is constantly on the lookout for innovation in teaching practices. This is what draws her to Namma School Radio, where she is motivated to bring about sustainable and organic changes to a domain that she deeply cares about.


Ms. Punya ​has been instrumental to the very creation of Namma School Radio. With a BA in Psychology, she now works for TV5. From being a timid individual who was afraid of speaking in English, she has blossomed into a confident young woman. She is thoroughly convinced that the radio can help more like her into becoming successful, tapping into their hidden potential.


Working with Namma school Radio is Very Useful for my studies and also it helps to improve my skills. Working with children is the best thing because I love to work with children and they are very sensitive and often have different prospective on things. This helps me to think of different approach as well. I am very happy indeed to learn and work with this

Namma School Radio. Lakshmi (Meghana) says.