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Name- Durgeshwari Devi

Village- Maun (Asha- Shaila malla Chasan)

Durgeshwari devi explaining the condition of roads. Bridges in their area after the heavy rain in Uttarakhand. Also there have low network and no network in some areas.

Durgeshwari Devi
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Name- Sunita Marchaal

Village- Naya Basti (Gram Pradhan)

Sunita ji  talking about migration and effect of COVID.

Sunita Ji Gram Pradhaan
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Name- Jyoti Pathak

Naya Basti

Jyoti ji  talking about vaccination.

Jyoti Pathak
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A women from Darma talking about their experience

Women from Darma
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Name- Sanjay Marchal from Darma 

Sanjay Marchal from Darma
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Name- Roopa

Village- Sipu  (Up-Pradhaan)

Roopa explaining the condition of Roads and  Bridges. Roads and Bridges are stopped due to heavy rain in Uttarakhand.

Roopa Up Pradhaan
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Name- Himani Pal

Naya Basti (Social Worker)

Himani ji talking about COVID safty Instrustions.

Himani Pal
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A student from Darma

A student from Darma

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A men from Darma talking about their experience

Man from Darma
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